UA-9744151-1 Huntsville | Robert Ziebell / CinelandiA

“As the lethal drugs began to take effect her last words were

‘God is good’

the Texas Department of Criminal Justice said in a press release upon the execution of Kimberly McCarthy,
the 500th person to be put to death in Texas.


In 1983 I arrived in Texas just as they were starting to re-instate the death penalty.
I went to Huntsville where the accused were put to death at the stroke of midnight.
From the photographs I took, I added research from the files of last words and last meal requests
of the various inmates who were marched off to be given a lethal injection.
Back then there was no “standard” form, so some were handwritten, some typed.
Over the years as the death penalty continues to be served I made various installations in honor of this ritual.

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